Whatever Your Weight Loss, Body Image, or Disordered Eating Problem Is, Start Solving it NOW

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September 27, 2012 by Lindsey

Since trading binge eating for anorexia (I hate calling it that), and now returning to binge eating, I’m revisiting problems I had 10-15 years ago. They were never solved! It’s so frustrating!

What is important for me and others in my situation is to: get help!

 I urge you to address whatever issue(s) you’re dealing with now, because they won’t go away on their own. And they won’t go away with time. And they won’t go away if you move to a new place. It sounds so simple–but I know it’s hard to deal with these problems. I can tell you from experience–a lot of it.

After very pricey sessions with a therapist I hated, I felt like I made progress with my restrictive eating issues, but I never got to address emotional eating. Even as an anorexic, I was still bingeing. I just saved up all my calories throughout the day and used them almost all at night– on sweets, snacks, and desserts.

Reflecting on that time, I think I never brought up my emotional eating problems because I knew they were the real issue. And I knew they would be very hard to solve.

And I was terribly frightened of how to deal with my life without the crutch of overeating. Without looking forward to an evening treat, without enjoying food more than people. Without answering the call of boredom, fear, anxiety, or procrastination with food.

It’s something I need to address now. It’s something I’m learning and I want to share with you.

Breaking Free from Bingeing: What I Want to Gain

  • A better life than one dictated (truly) by food.
  • Comfort and love of my body
  • Release from food obsession
  • Better mental health
  • Motivation and adventurousness
  • Knowledge to share with other sufferers

Breaking Free from Bingeing: What I Want to Lose

  • Extra pounds dragging down my self-esteem
  • Exhaustion from improper nutrition
  • Isolation from friends and family because I’d rather binge
  • Anxiety about what I’m eating when
  • Feeling like a fraud in my tough gym classes
  • Seeing NO results from all my hard work!
  • Gaining weight despite working out (vigorously) almost daily

Because I’m so trapped in eating emotionally, I have to remind myself of these benefits daily. I have to remind myself it won’t be easy. I have to keep trying and keep trying and keep trying.

If you have any questions about the tools and resources I’m using now to battle binge eating and emotional eating, please reach out to me via email at goldilocksandthe3bodies@gmail.com or comment below–or anywhere on my posts!

I’d be really happy to help and hear your story. We can do this!

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