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Hi, it’s Me!

Hi! I’m the golden-haired girl who went from “too big” to “too small” and back again….now I’m looking for “just right.” I need to be strong, not slim. And powered by food, not made powerless by it.

I started Goldilocks and the 3 Bodies in August 2012 to document the history and “current events” of my battle for my “just right” body, nutrition plan, and life balance. I’ve been “too big,”  “too small,” then “too big” again, and now I am searching hard for something in between the two extremes. I started as a pro at overindulging my cravings and silencing my feelings with food, then became an unintended expert at food restriction, and now I’m an admitted emotional overeater…again. I can push myself hard in a workout and feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment and peace, all sweaty and breathless. Or I can plop myself in front of my computer, caught up pinning my boards to death on Pinterest or job searching. On those days, the idea of going for a walk seems “boring” and if I forced myself to do a DVD, a Blogilates workout, or jog to music videos, I would just be happy when it’s over.

I’m looking for joyful eating, exercise, and lifeliving. I don’t want to think about food all the time. I don’t want to think about exercise all the time.  I just want to enjoy them as necessary but satisfying portions of my day. Not the focus, not nonexistent.

Join me as I search for moderation, muscle tone, and freedom from food addictions.

I’m really happy to join the food and fitness blogosphere and I hope my story can help you with issues we share. Believe me, if I had a magic wand, I’d make it all go away, for all of us!

Email me! goldilocksandthe3bodies@gmail.com

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